Nikah: Understanding An Indian Muslim Wedding

A Muslim wedding is performed according to the verses in the Holy Quran which is the religious scripture of Islam Religion. They are usually very orthodox in maintaining each of their rituals. A Muslim wedding is quite beautiful and soulful.

Pre-Wedding Rituals And Mosque Customs

  1. Wedding Invitations: The first thing before a wedding function is to invite family members and friends by giving them invitation cards and choosing Islamic wedding card designs is quite difficult. They usually use Quran quotes on their cards as this is holy for them.
  2. Pre-Wedding Rituals: In an Islamic wedding, there are quite a few pre-wedding rituals that they have to follow.
  • Mangni Ceremony: This is a kind of ceremony where both the couples have to exchange their wedding rings. Here the bride gets new clothes from the groom’s family.

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  • Manjha Ceremony: This is similar to the Hindu Haldi ceremony in Muslim weddings. Here the bride has to wear yellow clothes and turmeric paste is applied to her body which is offered by the groom’s family. This day is celebrated with lots of singing and dancing with female family members only.
  • Mehendi Ceremony: This is done a couple of days before the actual wedding ceremony. This event is also mainly performed by the female members where the brides’ hands and feet are adorned by mehendi. After this event, the bride cannot leave her house before the wedding.

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  1. Mosque Customs: The first thing before entering Mosque for wedding occasions or any other occasions is to remove your shoes as it carries dust and soil into the mosque where people pray on their carpets. In Mosques, women and men have to sit separately in the wedding ceremonies. Sometimes both of them have to sit separately in different rooms and they also have to eat at separate tables.

The Process Of Nikah Ceremony:

The actual average Indian wedding ceremony is a very long procedure. Among all the Indian weddings Nikah is the shortest wedding you have ever attended. During Nikah, both bride and groom have to sit in different rooms, or they have to sit with curtains drawn between them. Then the quazi(priest) asks both bride and groom for their approval for the wedding.

Mehar: Mehar is a ceremonial gift, money or any meaningful item which is given to the bride by the groom’s family.

Nikah-Namah: This is a contract in the Muslim marriage that is signed by the couples in the presence of their guests.

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Arsi-Mushaf: This is an occasion where the bride first sees the face of the groom through a mirror placed in between them. The Holy Quran is also placed along with the mirror for the blessings of the couple.

Savaquah: After the wedding ends, both the groom and the bride retreat after their wedding shenanigans. The new bride is showered with coins to celebrate her arrival.

These are the things you can see or feel at an Indian Muslim wedding. Their wedding ceremonies are quite unique and traditional, and they follow every step of the Quran to perform any wedding or any other auspicious event.

Author: rousey